One definition of Coaching

Change management :

"Learn how to create an environment or/and how to build a team. In which everyone can realize his maximum potential in the organization : a win-win relationship"

3 levels of coaching

Certification Mozaik

attestation mozaik

Transformation Coaching



Coaching is a professional process enabling individual or team potential development.
Coaching is born in USA and is knowing a continuous deployment for now some decades in France, in Europe and more widely in all continents.

This profession has known in the same period a professionalization process.

To understand all of its facets, the ethical and deontological frame, several professional associations are available:

  • Société française de Coaching / SF coach
  • European-Coaching Association/ EMCC
  • International Coaching Federation/ ICF


Some information to enlighten about:

It may be sometimes difficult to get your bearings in this label, certifications, accreditations and coaching training programs proliferation which grew last years.

  • Certification or accreditation is linked and specific to the association the coach has chosen to join. Different levels and process according to the association, please click on

SF coach


  • Certifications according each individual training program.

I fulfilled the Professional Coach certification process from International Mozaik (November 2013) whose training program is ICF certified (ACTP : Accredited Coaching Training Program)

This certification process for this training program based on Theory of systemic is

  • 336 training hours (42 days)
  • Dissertation with coaching expériences
  • 2 days of assessment (11 competencies from ICF frame)


  • Deontological code – see websites

I observe the ICF deontological code.


  • A frame to assess competencies requested for the accreditation – see websites

ICF proposes 11 key competences.


  • Since 2016, Professional Coaching has become a profession recognized by the French RNCP (Registre National de la Certification Professionnelle)


ideeThe 3 selected models can also support an individual or a Team coaching process




SBC Human Consulting




Human Element®
Process Communication®


Individual Coaching
Team Coaching
Organization Coaching



« We can do everything with money except Humans »
O.L. Barenton


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