One definition of Coaching

Change management :

"Learn how to create an environment or/and how to build a team. In which everyone can realize his maximum potential in the organization : a win-win relationship"

3 levels of coaching

Certification Mozaik

attestation mozaik

Organization Coaching


A human organization is a natural system, which runs under the same principles. From the theory of systems, they are seeking to come back to their equilibrium (homeostasis)
It needs to evolve at the same time of its environment internal or external (society).

It could be important to support these transitions steps.

An organization Coaching includes several parts:

The 1st step concerns the existing diagnosis*
Collecting information to key populations defined with the Leader during the project statement.
Some awareness on existing situations could emerge from this diagnosis and on improvements paths to be implemented, which could be supported on request by a coaching process.

*Human Element ® provides a specific part for this diagnosis A complete consulting process is proposed to measure organizational climate and this from individual, Team, relational and organizational level , giving also a measure on productivity impact.

Some situations

  • Is living a crucial moment (take-over, merging, plants shut-down etc…)
  • Has to deliver a higher performance or is facing a new challenge (new activity, new organization…)
  • Wants to decrease psychological risks and stress
  • Wants to increase his attractiveness , decrease his turn-over

Some alerting precursors :

  • Results and Team performance decrease
  • Absenteeism rate and sick leave increase
  • No support provided to projects
  • Conflicts, stress, tensions




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