One definition of Coaching

Change management :

"Learn how to create an environment or/and how to build a team. In which everyone can realize his maximum potential in the organization : a win-win relationship"

3 levels of coaching

Certification Mozaik

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Individual Coaching

To tackle our today working environment and its complexity, it could be very useful to explore individually as a Director, Manager or Teammate, his untapped resources but also his impediments and his limiting beliefs.

Coaching is a specific process which requests:

  • A volunteering agreement from the coached people
  • A clear frame: for this purpose, a written contract is established within all actors concerned. In case of a business request it is a tripartite contract (Ordering person, Manager, Coached Person) which includes a general objective and concrete indicators which will enable the evaluation at the end of the coaching.
  • Demands and an objective expressed by the coached person.

An individual coaching is a timeline process (between 6 and 9 months) over 8-10 sessions of 2 hours in average.

Coaching could be focused (see 3 levels of SBC Humanconsulting concept)

  • On the person
  • On the professional relations of the person
  • On a managerial situation
  • On the Director and his organization


Some example of requests (ICF source)

  • Give the ad'hoc orientation to his business, choose his allies and ad'hoc structures.
  • Set up a successful delegation which allow to focus on his core missions.
  • Lead his team with a maximum of efficiency and enthusiasm.
  • Reconcile professional and personal obligations.
  • Apply his responsibilities more efficiently.
  • Re-establish a challenging managerial situation.
  • Realign his professional career.
  • Identify his needs and quickly become more efficient in his new professional assigment..




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