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You are looking for support to streamline and improve your relations with your professional or personal environment, to reduce your stress and to better react to others people under stress?
You are interested to understand structure of personality impact on our motivation and under stress behaviors and to have at your disposal a simple and efficient process in order to re-establish communication and avoid conflicts and miscommunication?

Please note that sessions proposed are french sessions.

Come and live a mind-blowing experience!

You need to develop Leadership and Trust to build high performing Teams. And to learn how to adapt oneself in a complex environment



You are looking for solutions to streamline and improve your personal or professional relations, to reduce your stress and to better manage others people stress?

You are interested to understand structure of personality impact on our motivation and under stress behaviors and to have at your disposal a simple and efficient process in order to re-establish communication and avoid conflicts and miscommunication?

Please note that sessions proposed are french sessions.



Interactive Conference  introducing professional exhausting syndrome (Burn-out) , what it is, what it is not,  impact on the collective (team, organization)

Theatre : reading or play 

Debate with the audience (Team or intercompany) 

"I find Sophie’s idea excellent meaning giving the possibility to a private people to benefit from such professional workshop, to help understand daily interactions we have and to give keys to communicate in a proper way to maintain serene relations. I attended the first session of this seminar dedicated to private people, and I could put into practise in my professional environment during tense situations. My mother attended too, and could understand better her own behavior. Thank Sophie for this instructive, dynamic, convivial workshop, rich of concrete examples, it was a nice experience"

"Human Element® workshop is the most powerful of all Self-development programs I have known in my professional career. I dare the qualifying term of « Rolls Royce ». This systemic approach regarding people development (potential, leadership, self-esteem) is going very deeply indeed, as it included not only interpersonal dimensions but also mental, emotional and physical dimensions of relationships.

I attended this workshop in 04/2014 when I was in charge of European Technical material Purchases in an industrial company. Finally one operational model which enables an immediate use as communication oriented model, which is a more than important item in our professional and personal lifes.

"The Process com methodology enables to describe and name on a very rational and systematical, our empirical feelings we all have about our own behaviors and those from others. It has the merit to give a helicopter view on all different existing types of personality.

"I called SBC Humanconsulting on one CODIR workshop facilitation within my consulting company in industrial strategy. We collected useful practical applications for our day-to-day working. Each CODIR teammate has been very satisfied"

Many of this type of coachings are bubbly theory, which you forget 2 weeks afterwards and which you never put in practice anyway.
This particular individual coaching by Sophie however opened my eyes and changed my life forever.


"Durante varios años he pertenecido al equipo Internacional dirigido por Sophie Baranton, para la realización de las compras de envases y embalajes del grupo Solvay en el mundo. Mi colaboración se adaptaba a las necesidades de las fábricas de Solvay en España y Portugal.
Bajo su dirección se planificaban las necesidades de compras, se mejoraban, simplificaban y estandarizaban las especificaciones, se prospectaba el mercado, se consultaba, se negociaba y se colaboraba en la recepción de calidad cuando era necesario.

As the "Part Timer" of the packaging group it would have been very difficult to succeed without a team leader that did not care about the team or the goals and objectives set to achieve. Even though we stretched across the globe we were a close team.

Ik heb de mogelijkheid gehad om gedurende enkele jaren met Sophie samen te werken. Op dat ogenblik was zij Lead Buyer Packaging and ik (en nog steeds) verpakkingsspecialist voor de Solvay Groep. Uit vorige ervaringen bleek steeds dat de samenwerking tussen de aankoopdienst en de technische diensten moeilijk verliep. Dit was zeker niet het geval met Sophie. Zij begreep de noodzaak van de technische aspecten en oplossingen and voor haar was dus niet enkel de prijs belangrijk. Dit standpunt deelde ze ook met haar team. Voor mij was het dus een plezier om met Sophie en haar team samen te werken.

"nella mia lunga vita lavorativa in Solvay Industrial Group ho avuto la fortuna di lavorare per alcuni anni in un team internazionale, diretto da Sophie Baranton, che si occupava di acquisti di imballi per tutto il gruppo.
Non è mai facile lavorare in gruppo con persone di lingua e cultura diverse, per avere risultati importanti è assolutamente necessaria una leadership di alto livello, capace di valorizzare non solamente le singole capacità individuali, ma soprattutto le doti umane.

"Sophie has the rare ability to create, manage and motivate a global team of strong individuals with different backgrounds and cultures. She brings out the best in each team member, for the benefit of the team and the company. That's what I call genuine leadership."

"Nothing can be teached to people. They can only be guided to discover they have already inside all what they have to learn”. This quotation from Galilee reflects the 7 years shared within Sophie’s Team.




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« We can do everything with money except Humans »
O.L. Barenton


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Located east of France (Bourgogne Franche Comté between Dijon and Besançon), nearby Geneva, interventions in this region but also on request in France and in Europe.

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