Company being at the cutting edge of prospective, already integrates Risk Management in its strategy to prevent as far as possible impacts on its activity, and on its financial profitability.

But nowadays, Directors very often built their action plan omitting the foundation of their company: the people who are working for this company, its “human asset”.

Let’s change paradigm : If active men and women, especially the operational ones in charge of deliverables, would be a richness (rare and expensive) instead of a human resource (plentiful and cheap).

Then naturally something lights up: its quality degradation is a risk as important to be taken in account as a computer network vulnerability, a technical security weakness or uncertain financial investments.

Integrating Human risk Management in its company strategy is being a pioneer in the preservation of its production capability and in the support of its development potential.

From my technical background and my managerial one (know-how) and my new skills as a business coach (soft skills) I will be very attentive to your business situation and to your needs for your team development in order to find the right level of intervention.


3 level of intervention, which level is concerned ?

1st level

The company, the Team, or the person is in an emergency situation, a suffering one, stress, impacts are already visible. Wellbeing has disappeared and there is a risk for integrity.


2nd level

The complexity of the environment, the company evolution, reorganization projects are creating tensions within teams, we can observe unusual behaviors which can influence badly projects issues. There is a risk for wellbeing and performance.


3rd level

Our world is in constant evolution, company, teams and people want to prepare themselves to the next changes to get used to them in order to maintain their wellbeing and performance.



Your company

  • is living a crucial moment (take-over, merging, plants shut-down etc…)
  • has to deliver a higher performance or is facing a new challenge (new activity, new organization…)
  • wants to decrease psychological risks and stress
  • wants to increase his attractiveness , decrease his turn-over

On you request and after a 1st diagnosis phase*. I can elaborate in cooperation with your Teams the engineering of your transformation Project and/or select with you the most suitable support (Facilitation, Coaching, etc...)

* Module O from Human Element ® is proposing a consulting complete approach to measure the company climate from the FIRO Theory and gives measures from different levels : Company, Team,Interpersonal, Person … and also a productivity one




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« We can do everything with money except Humans »
O.L. Barenton


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Located east of France (Bourgogne Franche Comté between Dijon and Besançon), nearby Geneva, interventions in this region but also on request in France and in Europe.

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