I propose facilitation of these 3 Levels with 3 formats

  • A conference format to present the topic or model0
  • Workshop format with people from different organizations
  • Workshop format with people from your own organizations (internal)

Human Element ®

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Complex environment interactions - How develop leadership and efficient teams.

Developed in 1980 par Will Shütz (USA) - PhD in psychology and statistics.


Process Communication ®


How communicate efficiently depending his personality and the ones of the others.

Developed in 70's by Taibi KAHLER (USA) - PhD in psychology.


MBTI ® (Level 1 et 2)


Myers - Briggs Type Indicator :
The most famous and used personality model.



Element Humain ®

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To which objective?

Develop Leadership & Trust and efficient Teams.
How to interact in a complex environment


To whom ?

To all Directors, Leaders, and HR Directors:
  • Who are aware of « human » stakes
  • Who wish to discover a powerful methodology to bring their transformation projects successful, either to provide a solution towards already visible impacts in their organizations or to prevent them.

And more widely to all person who is seeking for solutions to recover the way toward a serene and enthusiastic professional time by developing his soft skills and self-knowledge.


What is exactly Human Element ® approach?

Very early in his research, Will Schutz (USA) who develops this model and the FIRO ® Theory (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation, understood there were 2 key axes mandatory and complementary to build and keep an efficient Team :
  • The working climate within the Team or the organization
  • Self-esteem of people who are in the organization

Will Schutz developed a methodology from his more than 30 years research work and experience as a psychologist specialized of groups AND as a statistician. This methodology has been proposed to several big companies which must endure critical times or face serious issues (NASA, Boeing, General Electric…).

As a true visionary, Will SCHUTZ created his model in the early 80’s: in this 21-st century is one of the more suitable to be proposed to companies which are ready for new organizational models, those which are willing to reconnect with « human ethics » and to rebuild their people and Team commitment, on a shared respect and meaning.


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Human Element® Principles

Truth is the grand simplifier: Truth telling is the fastest way to solve problems, period. It facilitates teamwork, decision-making, and helps us to be more effective and efficient.

Choice creates accountability: The choices we make — what we do and don’t do, what we are aware of and what we’re not — create our outcomes. Each one of us is 100% responsible for the situation we are in.

Awareness creates clarity: The higher our level of self-awareness and self-esteem, the more our behavior becomes rational and less defensive. When we are aware, we work better with others.

To know more


A specific methodology

  • A systemic one enabling people, Teams and organization development.
  • Experimented with success in 20 countries around the world, for more than 30 years, translated in 12 languages.
  • One integration process including 5 different sources (self-diagnosis, feedback, mental imaging, and physical activities) and enables a safe exploration of interactive and this to model the way how build an efficient Team.
  • One approach helping people to achieve their potential.
  • One approach developing the concept of individual responsibility
  • One methodology binding self-esteem, individual performance and collective success.


I propose several workshops with people from different organizations or with people from your own organizations (with your real Team, please consult me)


Some workshops programs:

  • The complete Human Element ® workshop including 2 parts and covering all dimensions of this model :
    • The cornerstone: Understand from oneself comprehension the impact in the relationships with others.
    • Solutions for the organization- : Impact of this discovery on the conditions to build efficient Teams
  • Specific programs tailor-made to your Team


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« We can do everything with money except Humans »
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