Why is it so important to act? Some alerting indicators

  • 90%* of employees in France come to work every day at best without any motivation, and at worst suffering... *Source: Gallup 2011-2012 global study on people commitment in workplaces (State of the global workplace)


  • 50 %* Human factor: 1st factor quoted to improve performance

    The human factor is mentioned in 50 %of responses, regardless of the sector surveyed (Industry, construction, financial services) - Barometer « Usine Nouvelle » about 2015 French companies competitiveness


  • 60 Billions €* : estimative cost of absenteeism in 2015, which corresponds to a rate of 4.55 % and an average of 16.6 day/p * yming-TNS Sofres survey, over 26 230 companies employing more than 960 000 employees


  • 2 Billions €* : daily compensation cost paid in 2011 for Burn-out cases , 20 % of non-working days more than 45 days *following a 2015 an handed report over French national Assembly

pourquoi agir


SBC Human Consulting


World is in evolution

Our working environment has considerably changed during the last decades :

  • Globalization
  • Global crisis (economic, ecologic, financial, societal)
  • Technological evolutions, N.T.I.C. – accelerating flow of information, digital revolution
  • Global trend in Accelerating and competition
  • Short-term strategies forced by predominance of financial indicators
  • Strongest impact of X and Y/Z Crossing generations

Companies have been forced to adapt themselves have launched multiple reorganizations, very often sadly forgetting the human dimension.

Consequences: a global fear and trust loss, which are the cause of important dysfunctions in all types of companies, all sector (private or public), all size (small of big companies), and which block all energies.


And tomorrow

In the beginning of this 21 st century, the place of Human in companies, becomes a key criteria to maintain or recover adaptive and performing teams and companies.


Time has come to change paradigm to answer stakes complexity :

  • femme vieilleAdapt the company to Human and not Human to company to reconnect Human & Performance
  • Slow down to have distance again
  • Anticipate rather than react and deal with impacts of a passive attitude even denial

Companies who are anticipating today by adapting to this evolution, are those which will assure their durability tomorrow.



SBC Human Consulting Vision

My life story and my professional journey, with experiences in small and large companies, with the last one: 12 years as International Lead Buyer Packaging and Leader of a multicultural Team (Europe, USA, China), having experienced internally (2012-2013) a merging process of 2 large companies, gave me the opportunity to develop closeness with operational actors on one side (production people) and also with strategical actors (Executives).

This experience is key to explain my willingness to connect these 2 levels operational & strategy as I could observe mutual misunderstanding and misreading



Reality is that no company can be efficient without a strong and balanced cooperation between these 2 poles.

shema cooperation en



SBC Human Consulting proposes to you :

3 Platforms: Consulting/ Coaching/ Facilitation

From this industrial experience, I am able to propose my services to the private sector

  • Business Managers and Teams in big companies
  • CEO and Executive management teams of small and middle size companies
  • Entrepreneur who are creating their own activity or who are taking over existing ones.

And through Partnerships I am developing, interventions can be provided also in the public sector.


3 Format: Either with people from other organizations, or just people from your own organization, Conferences

Ex of conference topics :

  • Awareness on Human stakes
  • Burn-out? What is it? How prevent this process
  • Is Happiness in working places possible? And for which benefits?


In addition to these 3 platforms, and in order to take benefit of the expertise developed during my last business position (international Lead-Buyer), mentoring missions towards Purchasing teams of companies which aim to develop ethical business towards partners and suppliers, can also be proposed.






SBC Human Consulting




Human Element®
Process Communication®


Individual Coaching
Team Coaching
Organization Coaching



« We can do everything with money except Humans »
O.L. Barenton


Contact us

Located east of France (Bourgogne Franche Comté between Dijon and Besançon), nearby Geneva, interventions in this region but also on request in France and in Europe.

06 76 12 17 45


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