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I am convinced it is more than important to be exemplary by acting, modern version of the well-known “walk the talk » or the Canadian translation so nicely illustrated “mettre ses bottines dans ses babines », meaning to demonstrate to companies to which I am offering my services, that collective is much more powerful that individualism, that cooperation is stronger than competition.

This is why very early from the SBC Human Consulting birth, my priority has been to seek for partnerships with others “Human” professionals


Example of today partnerships based on common and shared value

    • Process Com, Element Humain ®workshop co-facilitation
    • Project Team « DARE HUMAN » conference
    • Collaboration with local and national coachs


  • Allow simultaneous missions roll-out in the same company, or to fulfill a mission in case of facilitator “force majeure”.
  • Allow to enlarge my offer perimeter. It is impossible to become an expert in many disciplines or specific approaches (Neurosciences, Co-development, CNV, visual Facilitation etc...), while richness of this expertise diversity allow to adapt the best possible to the customers’ needs
  • Allow to address to others specialists in case of necessary


From my business and past international and multicultural experience, I am also developing European partnerships or/and with others spoken languages partners (English, German), giving the opportunity to work with international companies.





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Process Communication®


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« We can do everything with money except Humans »
O.L. Barenton


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Located east of France (Bourgogne Franche Comté between Dijon and Besançon), nearby Geneva, interventions in this region but also on request in France and in Europe.

06 76 12 17 45


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