Sophie Baranton-Considere

Sophie Baranton-Considere

  • Chemical Engineer background (ENSCL & Technische Hochschule Aachen)
  • International Manager during 26 years
  • Held a variety of several positions in several organizations (small technical compagnies, medium size compagnies, and  large multi-national companies)
  • Fluent in French, English, and German
  • Good knowledge in Italian and Turkish


 LHEP Human Element





Human are at the heart of your organizations

The inspirer


My convictions

Today I am driven by putting my competencies at the service of companies which choose to replace “Human” in the heart of their organizations.

My proposal is to guide people and Teams, to develop a Leadership based on Trust and Sincerity.

  • Sustainable Performance for companies in this 3-rd millennium is linked to the central place of Human. The promotion of individual performance in last decades is no more the decisive criteria, desire and willingness to work as a team will be the key for a collective performance, essential to companies durability.
  • This ethical and sustainable performance needs anticipation and diversity (gender, cultural, but also structures of personality).

Professionnal and Managerial EXPERIENCE :

2001 - 2014

Corporate Lead-Buyer Packaging - CAC 40 Industrial Chemical Company :

  • In charge of 100M€
  • Management of an international Team of buyers (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium/Uk/NL, Iberia, USA, China)
  • Team member for the global project targeted at reorganizing the Corporate Purchasing Network (4 Billions €)

1995 - 2001

Production Planning Manager / Purchasing (for Production) - for the French subsidiary of an Industrial Packaging International company :

  • Production Planning Manager - Purchasing Manager (1,5M€) - Quality Manager
  • Key user module MM, SD, PM for the project ERP SAP (2000-2001)
  • Support of the french subsidiary growth

1988 - 1995

Project Engineer - Industrial Technical Center :

  • Engineer in charge of the department : Measurement and treatment of industrial gaz. Development of measurement procedures. Purchase of the analyzers to set-up from scratch a complete itinerant laboratory.
  • Managment of a team of high educated techniciens


I learned from this journey

Over the 26 years of my past professional career in industry my common theme has always been to create genuine relationships and to give sense to the teams I had the happiness to create and to lead.

This also defined my Leadership style.

During my last position as a Senior Manager (International purchasing-2001-2014) I experienced the impact of a simultaneous transversal AND hierarchical Management way, disconnected from the field, multiple organizational changes, discovered also impact of increasing stress and at the same time questions appeared about meaning ….. all of this explained I went myself into the Burn-out process!


I took the decision to guide myself on the way to change and develop "soft skills"

Professionnal Coaching Training Program :

  • 350h - Internationnal Mozaik 2010-2012 - Certified Mozaik 2013, accreditation within ICF is sheduled
  • 1st cycle LHEP © (licenced Human Element Practioner) : 2009, certified LHEP : 2013
  • Trainer and Coach Process Communication© certified : 2014
  • MBTI © level 1 certified : 2014, level 2 : 2015

Additional Training programs :

  • Manager coach : 2009
  • Burn-out how to resist : 2012

To understand the reasons why I have been sucked up in this process and what have changed since the beginning of my professional time in 1988.

I started from 2007 as the same time as my job as Lead-Buyer, a professionalization process which resulted until my Professional Coach certification and the choice to get into the entrepreneurial adventure in 2014!





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Process Communication®


Individual Coaching
Team Coaching
Organization Coaching



« We can do everything with money except Humans »
O.L. Barenton


Contact us

Located east of France (Bourgogne Franche Comté between Dijon and Besançon), nearby Geneva, interventions in this region but also on request in France and in Europe.

06 76 12 17 45

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