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SBC Human consulting was born from human, managerial, and extensive industrial experience, and from the realization of the adverse impact on employee and organizational performance caused by changes in the working environment !


Added value

  • Hands-on and experience with the challenges and effects on people wrought by merging multiple organizations
  • Dual expertise : Technical & Human

burnoutUnder a personal experience of changes and acceleration of the two last decades, I could observe degradation of the « working» value. Operational people and transitional Management are losing their bearings, leading to increased stress over last years, and a lot of suffering. I could see the results and impacts through multiple dysfunctions.

Organizational changes (Project/transversal modes concurrently with traditional hierarchical system, dehumanized remote Management) have caused over years for people at work, a loss of confidence, motivation and meaning in their missions.

The gap between strategic level (Vision) and operational level (achievement), between generations, is increasing, this fed by multiple level in companies. Strategy very often externalized to highly specialized consultants in benchmarking … in the same time disconnected from the hands-on reality? Strategy is no longer cascades personally, but broadcasted to teams through e-mailed presentations, completely hidden in the mass of information received.

All of this leads at best to a loss of competencies, commitment, at worst to sometimes dramatic impacts on health.
These are middle terms as much as risk factors for the company durability.


3eme voieNothing is set in stone !

It is possible to choose a third approach, connecting ethical Performance & Human! so that employees find a new way towards a harmonious professional life, source of satisfaction, this in order to bring their participation to the company growth, allowing them to recover energy and desire to participate in projects and more largely to bring their participation to a future more ethical and sustainable global society.



My Engineer background and my industrial career during 26 years completed by a solid training time to understand Human and Group Fundamentals, brought me this idea of SBC Humanconsulting concept, a 3 level approach in order to find again the way to commitment and desire.

  • 3 targets (individual, teams, organization)logo sbchc small
  • 3 platforms (Consulting/ Engineering of transformation projects – Coaching – Workshops Facilitation)
  • 3 format (Either with people from other organizations, or just people from your own organization, Conferences)
  • 3 models among the famous and recognized worldwide


World is in evolution

We reached now the time of interdependency* in Humanity (the way we are relating to time, complexity, and resources scarcity).
After an independent growth (local), then globalization growth (global), we are leaving a societal change towards a new economy mixing proximity with local actors but without forgetting global exchanges with others countries and continents, thanks to NTIC which gives us a global access to knowledge and information sharing.
I based this concept out of others, on the Theory of Systemic and on the comparison with on living systems in nature, Human being by nature one of them, teams in companies being them, interacting living systems.

* 4 evolution stages: dependency- counter- dependency, independency and interdependency



nature eauBased on Biomimetism approach (Janine Benyus is the one who let know this concept early 90’s, with her book « Biomimetism »)
Ecosystems are independent and cooperation is more efficient and sustainable than competition.

If we transpose to the professional world

  • A company is a system
  • Today human systems are destabilized numerous symptoms (burn-out, a dramatic commitment decrease, no more meaning, etc…)
  • Restore balance is absolutely necessary to survive
  • What about developing collective intelligence? Could it be one of the solution?

My proposal to Leaders who are ready to change paradigm, is to coach them in this transformation process towards emergency of a Biogouvernance ® ** aiming to provide impulse for new organizational modes, which are much more aligned with Human fundamentals.

My proposal is to help companies pursuing « ecological industrial *** » development.

* Janine Benyus who, early in the 90‘s, promotes this concept emergence of Biomimetism by writing a book “Biomimetism”
** Biogouvernance® is a co-deposit trading mark with one of my partner
*** See Janine Benyus- Biomimetism


If we do a comparison between industrial installations and People




1st level

In urgency, production is stopped

Taking care of people and Team who are suffering
Absenteeism, Burn-out cases increases. Competencies losses and productivity decreases


High costs

High costs

2nd level
Predictive Maintenance

Coaching and developing people and Teams in soft skills (self-knowledge/behavior)

3rd level

Anticipations of evolutions and preparing people next coming changes


machine humain





SBC Human Consulting




Human Element®
Process Communication®


Individual Coaching
Team Coaching
Organization Coaching



« We can do everything with money except Humans »
O.L. Barenton


Contact us

Located east of France (Bourgogne Franche Comté between Dijon and Besançon), nearby Geneva, interventions in this region but also on request in France and in Europe.

06 76 12 17 45

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